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Contract History

If you are interested in trading 10 Year T-Note futures it is helpful to become familiar with the history of the 10 Year T-Note market. A 10-year Treasury Note represents debt owed by the United States Treasury to the public. Since the U.S. government is seen as a risk-free borrower, investors use the 10-year Treasury Note as a benchmark for the long-term bond market.

A 10-year Treasury Note is issued with a defined rate of interest, or coupon rate. Every year, holders of the 10-year Treasury Note receive the coupon rate from the Treasury. After ten years, the 10-year Treasury Note matures and the owner is paid the face value. The percentage of that total payment that exceeds the 10-year Treasury Note's market price, annualized, is called the yield. When the current market price for the 10-year Treasury note rises, the yield for the 10-year Treasury Note falls, and vise versa.

The large set of individual, commercial and institutional participants of the CBOT 10 year U.S. Treasury Note futures and options market underscores its importance and ensures its highly efficient pricing system and continuous liquidity.

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