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Price Charts

Learning how to read a 2-yr T-note price chart is the key to technical trading. Enter the contract symbol for the 2 YR T-Note futures contract of your choice and click “Get Chart”.


2-Year Treasury Note Chart    

When you get to the 2-yr T-note chart page you will have the option to change the time interval among: 30-Minute Chart, Daily Chart, Weekly Chart, Monthly Chart, and Custom Chart by clicking on tabs located below the 2-yr T-note chart.   

The default time interval for the 2-yr T-note chart is the Daily Chart. If you select the 30-Minute Chart or Daily Chart you can view the price of 2-yr T-note for a specific futures market month. If you select the Weekly Chart or Monthly Chart you can only view the price of the nearest futures contract month of 2-yr T-note (spot price).  

If you are more of a technical trader and want more control over the chart you can select the Custom Chart. The Custom Chart allows you to change the: time, scale, and frequency of the chart. It also allows you to overlay the 2-yr T-note chart with other commodity charts. In addition you are able to introduce multiple technical indicators to the 2-yr T-note chart such as: relative strength, stochastics, and Bollinger bands.

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