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News Stories

Following 5 Year T-Note news is the key to trading fundamentally. Below you can find links to articles in the news that discuss market fundamentals that could potentially affect the price of 5 Year T-Note on the CME commodities exchange. Before you invest in the five year treasury note futures market you should do your own research.

1. Bloomberg.com "U.S. Five-Year Notes Outperform on Record Butterfly Spread" September 12, 2012

U.S. 5-year notes are the most expensive ever relative to 2- and 10-year securities based on the so-called butterfly spread measure of value.

2. Bloomberg.com “Treasuries Pare Losses After $35 Billion Sale Of 5-Year Notes” April 25, 2012

Treasuries pared losses after the U.S. sold $35 billion in five-year notes before the Federal Reserve is forecast by economists to refrain from taking new actions to stimulate the economy. 

3. Bloomberg.com “Treasuries Rise as Europe Debt Crisis Spurs Haven Demand” April 25, 2012

Treasuries dropped for a second day as the U.S. prepares to sell $35 billion in five-year notes and investors speculate the Federal Reserve will refrain from taking new actions to stimulate the economy. 

4. WashingtonPost.com "Treasurys gain as 5-year note auction results in record low yield; demand remains high" November 22, 2011

The Treasury Department sold $35 billion of five-year notes at a yield of 0.94 percent, beating the previous record low of 1.02 percent set in September. That’s a sign that demand remains high for U.S. government debt. 

5. Brecorder.com "Bonds gain on Fed rate pledge, curve seen flattening" August 10, 2011

Five- and seven-year notes outperformed on the curve, with the five-year yield falling 4 bps to 0.9709 percent. Five-year notes were the most traded coupon on the curve.

6. Bloomberg.com "U.S. Repo Close: Current 5-Year Note at Lowest Rate, Minus 0.3%" June 29, 2011

Current 5- and 10-year notes often trade at the lowest repo rates because they are widely used as hedges against positions in corporate, mortgage and global debt. The 5-year note closed at the lowest repo rate: negative 0.3 percent, down from negative 0.2 percent.

7. Reuters.com  “Bonds slip before 5-year auction, Fed statement” April 27, 2011

US Treasuries on Wednesday gave back some gains scored this week as traders awaited a five-year note auction and word from the Federal Reserve on the future of its monetary policy.

8. Los Angeles Times "Pimco's Bill Gross dumps U.S. government bonds" March 9, 2011

Pimco bond guru Bill Gross hasn't been shy about saying that he sees no value in U.S. government bonds at current interest rates. Now, he has jettisoned the last of those holdings from his $237-billion-asset Pimco Total Return fund, the world's biggest bond fund.

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