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Contract History

If you are interested in trading Austrailian Dollar futures, it is helpful to become familiar with the history of the Austrailian Dollar market. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange began offering Australian Dollar futures contracts in 1987. Australian Dollar futures contracts are designed to reflect changes in the Australian Dollar against the US dollar, or other major currencies.

By using the Australian Dollar, traders can take advantage of moves in the value of the Australian dollar, or can hedge their portfolio of assets against the risk of a move in the Australian dollar in a single transaction.

Australian Dollar futures are traded on the CME Globex system for 23 continuous hours each day.

CME FX Futures

If you trade spot/cash forex, you should look at forex futures. The CME forex futures offer: open and transparent market pricing, and equal access to the best price. Click on the link above to download a very informative .pdf brochure entitled " CME FX Futures: A Sound Alternative to Cash FX". This brochure will explain how you can get started trading Forex futures.

Click here to contact a licensed commodity broker with experience in the Australian Dollar market.