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Dollar Index Quotes
The U.S. Dollar futures price is different than the U.S. Dollar options price. Search for current U.S. Dollar price quotes. Enter the contract symbol for the dollar index futures contract of your choice and click “Get Quote”.

Dollar Index Futures Quotes
The ICE dollar index futures contract is $1,000.00 times the dollar index. The contract is priced in dollars and cents. The dollar index futures trade in $0.005 increments, equivalent to $5.00 per contract. Be certain you understand the price quotation system for the particular commodity that you consider trading.
Example of Futures Quote:
85.175 means $85,175.00
Dollar Index Options Quotes
The ICE dollar index options contract controls one futures contract ($1000 X index value). Strike price increments are of intervals of one US dollar index point.     
Example of Options Quote:
2.850 X 1000  = $2,850.00

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