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Currency Futures and Options Trading

Currency futures contracts can be traded online or with a broker. Our licensed commodity brokers are ready to help you with any questions regarding currency futures. Below is a list of actively traded currency, and cross currency futures.  

Currency Futures

AD/CD Cross Rate (AC)
AD/JY Cross Rate (AJ)
AD/NE Cross Rate (AN)
Australian Dollar (AD)
BP/JY Cross Rate (BY)
BP/SF Cross Rate (BF)
Brazilian Real (BR)
British Pound (BP)
Canadian Dollar (CD)
CD/JY Cross Rate (CY)
EC/AD Cross Rate (CA)
EC/BP Cross Rate (RP)
EC/CD Cross Rate (CC)
EC/JY Cross Rate (RY)
EC/NKr Cross Rate (CN)
EC/SF Cross Rate (RF)
EC/SKr Cross Rate (KE)
E-mini Euro FX (E7)
E-mini Japanese Yen (J7)
Euro FX (EC)
Japanese Yen (JY)
Mexican Peso (MP)
New Zealand Dollar (NE)
Norwegian Krone (UN)
Russian Ruble (RU)
SF/JY Cross Rate (SJ)
South African Rand (RA)
Swedish Krona (SE)
Swiss Franc (SF)